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Pleasures, a label inspired by the underground music scenes of punk, grunge, metal, and hardcore. Founded by designer Alex James in 2015, Pleasures has made waves in social media ever since with the explosion of the brand. Pleasures popular "A girl is a gun" design was notably featured in Playboy Carti's Magnolia music video. Pleasures is known for their graphic tees and hoodies, but recently their cut and sew collections have become an exciting new focus for the brand.
Pleasures Brown Jungle Jacket
Pleasures Black Call Me Convertible Puffer
Pleasures Grey Flight Hoodie
Pleasures Black Internet Hoodie
Pleasures Green Blackout Hiking Pant
Pleasures Red Regret Button Down
Pleasures Black Film Beanie
Pleasures Black Power Beach Pant
Pleasures Black Hyde Nylon Shorts
Pleasures White Techno T-Shirt
Pleasures Green Sports Striped T-Shirt
Pleasures Blue Banned T-Shirt
Pleasures Navy Pleasuresmart T-Shirt