Apatite Green Abc. 123. Studio Work Pants

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Ripstop cotton elasticized waistband trousers. Feature a magnetic belt closure with logo woven logo belt. Embroided Abc. 123. logos at back of leg and signature pull-tab at waistband.

Pants feature the Abc. Pulse Pocket™. A pocket that is a safe place for your mobile device. In a sense, the Abc. Pulse Pocket™ blocks the radio waves that move toward your body but allows for them to flow safely out and away from you. Extensive testing of the pocket material and construction of each Abc. Pulse Pocket™ has taken place since they first rolled this idea out in 2017.

The Abc. 123. line was designed to be the building blocks of a core wardrobe. Garments are designed to be used forever, Abc's vision is that these items will be passed down/be found in vintage shops years down the road. Every component, trim and pull tab has been custom-made from the thread up. Every piece gets better with age, with every wash, and every wear.

Model wears size M.
Model is 5’11” with 30.5” waist.

• 100% Cotton.

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