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Cowboy K*sh Magnum Candle

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Cowboy K*sh is now burning bigger and brighter for your extra long burning pleasure in 27oz Magnums. The scent is akin to “enjoying a joint at a rousing rodeo.” This tumbleweed of a scent is a dusty accumulation of suede and saffron, with puffs of pot and patchouli floating through. It has some dust, it’s dry-earthy, it’s grounded. It’s a warm, well-worn saddle of a scent.

*This contains zero cannabis related ingredients, including CBD and THC. Any mention of cannabis strictly denotes an olfactive accord.

· Suede
· Saffron Flower
· Labdanum
· Pot Leaf
· Tonka
· Raspberry
· Patchouli

· 110 Hour Burn Time (approximate)
· 27 ounces (765g)
· 4.75 inches (12cm) tall

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