We are very excited to be selected as a retail partner for the release of the Dickies x New York Sunshine Sun-Dyed in Texas collection arriving June 17th, 2022.

New York Sunshine and Dickies worked in tandem to blur the lines between art, design, and fashion to create this exclusive collaboration. The new collection is a true partnership, representing the forward vision of John Margaritis, the multi-dispensary artist behind the leading creative shop located in New York. 

The collaboration consists of two portions. During the summer of 2021, two temporary physical installations were housed for six months in the beating desert sun of Marfa, Texas – a far west Texas ranch and border town serving as a leading artist community. The installations, a series of billboards and a stick-frame house, awarded THE DESIGN PRIZE 2021 golden madonnina, were wrapped in Dickies signature twill fabric, illuminating the night sky, and creating a mirage-like glow within the Marfa desert as the backdrop. To make the unique, limited-edition apparel collection, the weathered/sun-dyed material was pulled from the installations and upcycled to produce the 'Sun-Dyed in Texas' collection, consisting of truly unique jackets and pants.

The second iteration of the collaboration involves a full collection strongly inspired by the art installations and creative process in Marfa. This expansive collection includes pants, jackets, vests, shirts, socks, headwear, and more.

New York Sunshine™ and the INSTALL TEAM® in Association with Williamson and Dickies MFG. Cut, screwed and glued by @jeremyelkin - The world premiere of “Sun Dyed in Texas.”

SUN DYED IN TEXAS. New York Sunshine For Dickies from NewYorkSunshine on Vimeo.

"Dickies represents quality, spirit and agelessness within their clothing, allowing me the creative freedom to fuse fashion, art, architecture and retail seamlessly into one, creating this unique and exclusive 'Sun-Dyed in Texas' collection," says Margaritis, founder of New York Sunshine.

The synergy between Sunshine and Dickies can be traced back to the brands heritage and fabrications, making them unique in their respective spaces and fortifying them as leaders and trailblazers in their fields. Margaritis is crafting a legacy and path through the worlds of art, fashion, and design. At the same time, Dickies has cemented itself as a leader in the apparel industry, known for its dependable quality for the last century, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2022.

“Dickies has always been about more than clothing; we’re about celebrating communities of individuals and makers who put their passion and love into their creations. With ‘Sun-Dyed in Texas’ we can simultaneously honor our Texas roots, the hard work that went into the installation and the craftsmanship of the upcycled collection – honoring those who made the brand what it is today, people like John and his family,” says Sarah Crockett, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Dickies. 

"Sun-Dyed in Texas," the Dickies x New York Sunshine collection drops this Friday in-store and online.





Andrea Schultz