For one night every year, the roads at the intersection of 25th Street and Military Avenue are shut down to become a vibrant night market reminiscent of the bustling streets of Taipei. The annual Asian Night Market Festival began in 2018 for the community to come together and share the rich and diverse culture our Asian District has to offer Oklahoma City.

Asian Night Market Festival

Asian Night Market Festival

Asian Night Market Festival


Asian Night Market FestivalAsian Night Market Festival

Asian Night Market Festival 

Pho Cuong

A cafeteria-style pho house (literally a small, green house) that is perfect for your first experience trying Vietnamese cuisine. Their pho menu is broken into options like “For the Beginners,” “The Adventurous Choice,” or “Lighter Types of Phos,” to help navigate the extensive choices. Be sure to accompany your meal with their house made Soda Chanh (fresh lemon soda).


Pho Lien Hoa

This local lunchtime hotspot stays busy. Despite the fact that it’s cash-only (although don’t worry, they have an ATM by the register for first-timers), Pho Lien Hoa is probably the most popular pho spot in the city.



One of the first restaurants to bring “West Coast-style” Vietnamese food to Oklahoma City, Lido offers a range of Vietnamese, Chinese, and French menu items that attracted both Asian and non-Asian diners to the district early on. They have a little something for everyone.


Grand House

A casual Chinese eatery offering a broad menu of Pan-Asian fare plus dim sum on weekends. Also, the perfect spot to grab to-go on a busy weeknight.


Cafe Oasis

Quick Chinese/Taiwanese classics with an extensive boba tea menu. Don’t knock tofu until you’ve tried one of the many vegetarian options. You also might see Anj or Jeremichael here most weekends.


Gong Cha

Stop by after dinner to grab some milk tea and a Hong Kong style bubble waffle. Add star jelly to any fruit tea and it will become your new favorite summer drink. Also the Lemon Ai-Yu White Pearl?
Come on.


Share Tea

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic mojito to-go, you’ve got classic lime, strawberry, or peach to choose from. Grab a classic milk tea or try a Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea if you’re feeling adventurous.




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