Uxe Mentale

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Uxe Mentale was founded by Argentinian based graphic designer/artist, Gustavo Eandi and NYC/LA based agency, Lite Year, in 2019.

Gusatvo Eandi uses the moniker, "Uxe Mentale", for personal creative projects and exhibitions and naturally the brand is an extension of those pursuits.

Drawing inspiration from his globalized communication network reaching LA, NY, and Argentina, "Pen Pal Community Network" encapsulates the dialogue and exchange within that creative community. Serving as a reflection and homage to the styles and aesthetic to the cultures that inspired Gustavo. Referencing pages of Thrasher, Transworld, Tres60 Skate, and other skate centric advertisements. 

Gustavo has leant his talents to brands that lead the conversation in creative execution. Brands like: OAMC, Brain Dead, Total Luxury Spa, Bone, Stüssy, Domestik; and musicians and record labels including Madlib's Medicine Show, MF Doom, Clams Casino, Tame Impala, Boiler Room, Stones Throw Records and NTS Radio.